Southern Bike Box Hire

Southern Bike Box Hire

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Pick up your Bike Box Alan:

7 days = £45 - 10 days = £60 - 14 days = £75 - extra days = £5 - minimum cost £30 - Nothing to pay until pick up.

We offer local delivery for £30.00 return (Local is within 30 miles)

We ask for a £100.00 Deposit (refundable subject to terms and conditions)

please fill out all the details in the form below and we will get back to you very soon

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Bike Box Alan for Triathlons

We take credit cards, Paypal, bank transfers

Simply the best boxes

Dont settle for cheaper alternatives of bike box case.

Bike Box Alan for road bikes

Local delivery within 30 miles

£30 local delivery

Your Bike will get the best protection you can find.

Award Winning Bike box alan

£100 deposit (cheques taken)

Help to pack available

Southern Bike Box Hire run by enthusiastic club cyclists.

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