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Bike Box Alan Rental

How to Pack a Bike Box Alan Bicycle case

Watch the video Packing your precious machine into one of our Bike Box Alans is a very Simple process - How to pack video .

1. Remove pedals - always do this whilst the wheels are still on the bike.

2. Remove wheels and deflate tyres - fix them in to the lid of the bike box using your wheel skewers, Front wheel on the left first followed by Rear Wheel cassette inwards.

3. Remove stem with handlebars still attached.

4. Secure the frame in to the bike box. The bike should be right side bike down with the chainset at the bottom of the box.

5. Fix the handlebars, seat post and pedals in the remaining available straps.

6. Insert the anti-crush pole and ensure it does not make contact with your spokes before closing the lid. Use the top foam insert to guide the pole in to lid of the box.

Bike Box Alan

Suitable for all time trial bikes

4 Steel strong locks

Easy to pack and wheel around the airport.

Inside the Bike Box Alan

Suitable for Mountain Bikes

Easy to pack

Some dis-assembly may be required.

Award Winning Bike box alan

Not suitable for cats or dogs

Pets will sit in them

Ensure box is empty of pets before flying.

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